Photos and movie clips from
Burning Man 2003

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View of the temple from the Man

Typical artistic expression

Labyrinth near the Man

Panorama from the Man
(1MB movie)


Another view of the labyrinth


Art car and land surfer in tow (600k movie)

The longest dust storm of the week

It stranded me out on the playa for 45 minutes

Typical dust tornado (1MB movie)


Art cars near the Temple
(600k movie)

The Man at dawn





The Man at night with laser

A jet engine powered flame thrower


Flame thrower on an art car
(500k movie)


Night time lights for man and bike
(800k movie)


A mobile dance floor art car at night
(600k movie)


The Temple burn

Fireworks and burning of the Man (2.7MB movie)

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